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Discover the new collection and the new Limited Edition prints #LaVieEnRosalia 

Introducing our latest collection, the Liberty Line. Come and explore this line that pays homage to the intricate floral weaves and geometric motifs of the Liberty style.

There are five sub-collections on the strongest inspirations upon which the collection is developed: Folk, Nature, Baroque, Arabesque and Liberty.

Folk: Infinite FOLK ideas inspired by one of the most powerful popular traditions in the world. A design that finds inspiration in the multicolor ornaments of the typical Sicilian carts, or in the colors of the lights of religious festivals, or still in the magnificent decorations of handcrafted ceramics or in the fishermen's boats.

NatureAn explosion of colors dedicated to the naturalistic beauty of Sicily, for a winking image and green. Sea and corals, as well as prickly pears, lemons, or pomelia flowers to tell about our Mediterranean Sea and the unique natural landscapes of our island.

Baroque: it expresses the "Gattopardian" soul of the island. It takes up the details of opulent and sumptuous elegance of the Sicilian aristocratic palaces.

Arabesque: After more than a thousand years, Arab influence continues to be present in the signs and colors of Sicily, the cradle of many civilizations and cultures and integration between peoples.

Liberty: Liberty in Sicily portrays the elegance and glamour of the Belle Époque. The graphics are inspired by its iconic elements and the sinuosity of the floral lines.



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