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“The eye sees what the mind knows” Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Italy is the country of culture and beauty. And we represent our culture.We feel it, we are soaked in it and it seals everything that we Italians create even when we don't even realize it.We are our culture. Even more in Sicily. Even design and fashion are inspired by the millenary history of Sicily, by its beauty, by its culture.When designing a print for a fabric, or designing a dress that history and culture is there.La Vie En ROSALIA is a fashion lifestyle dedicated to Sicily, a capsule collection full of charm inspired by Sicilian culture and icons.


Why Rosalia? Rosalia, Patron Saint of the City of Palermo, the liberator from the plague, the woman who inspires hope, the desire for recovery, for rebirth, is the most powerful icon of the island's capital. A suggestive inspiration that gives its name to the collection and that iconic Sicilian mood. Through the collection, through Rosalia we tell a story, the Sicilian one, the story of the 'Santuzza' a strong woman who falls and gets up in the splendid Sicilian lands and Palermo. With the cultural influence that goes from the Phoenicians to the Spanish that manages to give a strong sense of belonging and a sense of identity to wear every day.Feel your culture is the design dedicated to the symbols of art, nature, history and traditions of an extraordinary island."Feel your culture" and wear it! Like a landscape, a monument, a park, a street, even a garment can bring back a memory, a symbol, an icon of the multifaceted culture of Palermo.Which is immanent in the creativity it expresses.

Every season we unravel the culture and beauty of Sicily on its strongest symbols.



Endless FOLK ideas drawn from a popular tradition among the most powerful in the world. A cutting edge and vital design that is inspired by the multicolored ornaments of the typical folkloristic carts pulled by horses, or by the colors of the lighting design structures for the religious festivals, or by the magnificent decorations of handcrafted ceramics or fishermen's boats.



Sea and corals prints, or prickly pears and lemons, or wonderful vegetation in an explosion of colors are the inspiration for the design dedicated to the naturalistic beauty of Sicily, for a seductive yet “green” image.


The splendor of a style that has marked the art of the historical period to which they are inspired from, gives life to an elegant and evocative, opulent and sumptuous design, evocative of the tapestries, damasks, or majolica of the aristocratic palaces of the nobility.

After more than a thousand years, Arab culture continues to be present in the signs and colors of Sicily embracing the spirit of cultural integration between the many foreign cultures established over the centuries in a land that has grasped the complexity and layered richness of these ethnicities making the Sicilian culture unique and charming and the cradle of Western and Eastern civilization.

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